Modern Technology Improves People’s Lives

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Modern Technology Improves People’s Lives
We are living in a decade that alters every minute. People’s lives nowadays have changed so much because of the advance of modern technology on which people have a lot of different perspectives. Some people believe that modern technology has brought us benefits while others think that we would even have a better life if the technology is simpler. As far as I am concerned, I agree with the thought that technology has made our lives more comfortable and convenient.  The most significant effect that modern technology has made is narrowing distance between one and another in every time and everywhere. Due to the invention of Internet and cell phone, we can connect with everybody in the world by a click or a call. People from different countries can make friend and share their cultures through Internet. Imaging from the past, people used to send letters to transmit the information, but it took a very long time to receive and answer. However, with modern facilities, two persons in different areas can easily communicate with each other. For instance, I am an student from Laguna, and I have to live very far my family for several years to study. Consequently, my parents miss me so bad. Instead of buying a ticket and coming back Laguna which cost a lot of money to visit them, I can just go online and have a video chat with my family in Palawan. Even thought we cannot touch each other, yet we still have a face-to-face talk.  Furthermore, we can find any information we want by searching on the Internet. The Internet seems containing everything. There are variety of web search such as Google, Yahoo, and sources of any field which we can look for. Modern IT Technology Benefits

Information Technology has introduced considerable changes in almost all walks of life. Yet the journey of innovations and developments by Information technology is not over. This is a fact that information technology is an endless stream of possibilities which cannot be summed up in a book or in an article. It is an acknowledged truth that information technology has dramatically changed the world and we can guess the coming times will introduce many new things. If we discuss IT in the perspective of globalization, it has not only made the world a global village by bringing international communities closer to one another, it has also facilitated significantly international business also. Now we can get information swiftly about all the corners of the world which was just unimaginable a century ago. Information technology has also benefited the people of the world to communicate swiftly across the globe. IT has aided to make conversation more cost-effective, quicker, and more highly effective. We can now be connected with anyone around the planet through emails, audio and video chat. Amazingly, the responses here are quite faster than all the devices used in the past. Information Technology has also helped increase work efficiency in organizations with the help of computers and a number of highly useful softwares. This enhancement of workability has also improved customers-owners relationship. It has also helped in reducing manufacturing cost of various products. This consequently improves productiveness that gradually improves revenue of the entrepreneur benefiting ultimately to the employees as well. IT can also help develop the efficiency of understanding staff and enhance organizational learning. It can develop the efficiency of understanding staff in customer, supplier and partner organizations; add information value to existing items and services; make new information-based goods and solutions. IT has also made it possible for firms to be open 24 x7 all round the globe. This implies that a business can be started at any time anywhere, generating buying from different nations around the world in simple and more practical manner. You need just a few clicks to get online and get to the place of your choice for both...
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