Modern Technology: Positive and Negative Effects of Communication

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Modern technology has changed our ways of communicate
In ancient times, horses were used as a public transport in the use of post letters which can help people to keep in touch with friends and family members, it’s not so convenience because of the long time cost. As a result, many new technologies were invented in the following years. These modern technologies not only have been changing humans lives but also have been bringing many new issues. So that, it’s important to know how our ways of communicate has changed by these modern technologies and to know both the positive and negative effects have be given. This essay will discuss about modern technologies’ effectives then find out whether they’re more positive or more negative.

Frist of all, communication ways

After that, these modern technologies make our society run in a high speed and give the condition to create more and more new technology. The most important element for businessmen is efficiency which allows them to deal with a case in a short time and create more wealth. A research was made in china about public transport, the experts found that the faster speed these public transport have, the more economic income will be created refer to the information given by these researchers in Shanghai.3

On the other hand, modern technology also has harm effects of communicate manner and lead to a shortage at social society. We used to learn social manners and polite ways of speaking, however, these things seem disappeared after the common use of modern technology. For example, we don’t need to ask for direction instead of check it by GPS. A extravert person on internet may also the person who is too shy to talk with others in a sit down restaurant. It’s much easier to write a blog than express their feelings to their friends. In conclusion, modern technology creates a completely new stage to us but we still need to make our own decision, not only to be independent, but also avoid the harm...
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