Modernization of Technology

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A. Changes of the World
According to Mr. Alvin Toffler, “The streams of change run together to form even larger, deeper, swifter rivers of change that flow into something still larger”. Nowadays, even though you’re not a really kind observer, you will really feel that the world is gradually changing: changes in methods; tools and equipment; changes in types of houses; changes in furniture; changes in literature and other forms of art; changes in belief, customs and traditions. Almost everything changes, evolved into a new form. Everywhere, changes is taking place.

Modernization also brings out changes. The influx of foreign movies, reading materials, machines and other inventions introduce changes, because of modern means of communication and transportation, people become well-informed and aware of what is happening in their immediate environment and around the world. Modern appliances change the working habits of people. Whereas in the past, it took people hours to travel by Kalesa, but today it takes minutes only to travel from one town to the nearest city. This gives an opportunity to work and study in the neighboring town or city. (

It is very easy to notice the different changes taking place in a community. It is also easy to identify which of these changes are desirable and which are not, because the people can easily feel their effects. However, it may not easy to give the reasons why certain changes occur. One factor may cause different changes. ( 1982)

According to Mr. Phil Dotree(2008), “The technology is change…” Therefore, this only shows that technology is the biggest factor of changes of the world. In fact, as what I had read in some articles, and in the internet, they agree that the widely contributor of changes were facing now is the technological advances. Technology always bring changes.
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