Motivational TheoriesA Case Of General MotorsIntroduction

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Motivational Theories
A Case of General Motors

Introduction to GM
 General Motors Company, commonly known as GM, is an 

American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, that designs, manufactures, markets and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts and sells financial services worldwide.  The company was founded on September 16, 1908, in 

Flint, Michigan, as a holding company for McLaughlin Car Company of Canada Limited and Buick, then controlled by William C. Durant. GM's co-founder was Charles Stewart Mott, whose carriage
company was merged into Buick prior to GM's creation.
 Over the years Mott became the largest single stockholder in GM

and spent his life with his Mott Foundation which has benefited the city of Flint.

 General Motors employ 212,000 people and does business in more

than 120 countries.
 The company markets its vehicles primarily under the Buick,

Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Opel, Holden, and Vauxhall brand names, as well as under the Alpheon, Jiefang, Baojun, and Wuling brand names.
 It also sells cars and trucks to dealers for consumer retail sales, as

well as to fleet customers, including daily rental car companies, commercial fleet customers, leasing companies, and governments.  In addition, the company offers connected safety, security and

mobility solutions, and information technology services.
 General Motors led global vehicle sales for 77 consecutive years from

1931 through 2007, longer than any other automaker, and is
currently among the world's largest automakers by vehicle unit sales.  General Motors motivates their employees by encouraging team

work and providing them incentives in terms of awards and money

What is Motivation?
Motivation is an intrinsic force which urges a

person to do or achieve something.
It let the person to be at some particular
It enhances the level of a person and makes
him step onto another level.

Theories of Motivation
 Several theories have been presented many

theorists so as to know and understand the
concept of motivation in a better way.
 These formulated theories have been applied to
many of the practical scenarios so as to develop
practical understanding.

Motivation in GM
General Motors, being one of the largest names in the

world automobile industry, tend to pay great attention
towards raising the motivational level of its employees.
GM believes in, adopts and follows both; monetary as
well as non-monetary terms.
It believes that motivated and appreciated employees
always work and produce much more than expected.
In GM, within monetary terms, the management tends to
reward its employees with increased compensations and
However, for non-monetary terms, GM believes that
respecting an employee is one of the most important

Implementation of Motivational
Theories in GM
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Equity Theory
Herzberg’s Theory X and theory
Goal-Setting Theory

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Employees are motivated when their basic

needs lien. Missing of any need would cause
least interest.
The first thing on pyramid is the physiological
need; upon which completion the level of
needs is raised to the other.
Next are the safety a d social needs; these are
responsible for generating an position in the
These are followed by esteem and self
actualization need. Their achevement shows
that a person

` Herzberg's Theory
Under this theory, GM motors motivate their employs by

offering greater jobs post with better salaries and other
benefits .
They gives their employ rewards and awards by their good
and better performance
GM motors gives recognition to their employs to motivate
GM motors gives their employs job security to motivate
GM motors gives their employ authorities with
GM motors supply technology to their employ to improve
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