Multi Parking Lot

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Statement of the Problem:
Technology has been evolving with us since the beginning of the Prehistoric age, from the simplest tools of the cave men to now in present future. Technology is very important in our society, without it we would not be able to survive in our ever changing society. We are living in a society which is called "technologically civilized" society. Every small work we do is technology dependent. Today every other person is recognized with the device or gadget, he carries; which is technically advanced. Ultimately, we can say that, “living without technology is like living without air" in this technical world of today. Therefore, we are much dependent on technology. Technology has been allotment of our activity and it is one of the key capacities for the adaptation of flesh to active in a fast-phase environment. The development of new technology helps humans save lives; it helps humans accomplish plan easier and makes the apple a bigger abode to reside in. Even for us, Filipinos, we adapt the globalization. The conveniences of technology have become part of our lives and have become a major portion of their social and cultural activities. In the recent decades, we have witnessed a rapid change in the number of private cars used in all countries around the world. This is an unavoidable phenomenon because it seems to me that traveling is one of the most important parts of our lives. To be more specific, it is an indispensable part to almost human activities, thanks to the fact that we can travel swiftly and usually safely over the roads which have been built to accommodate our cars. Therefore, using means of transport like private cars is more and more prevalent and worldwide. And even according to MMDA, the major thorough fares of Metro Manila are clogged with all sorts of vehicles and a good percentage of them are privately-owned vehicles. However, this phenomenon gives problem to others especially for the pedestrians. Many people have been always bring their car in their daily activities especially for the social class every time when they have parties or events to attend. But there are some attitude who prefer to bring their car even for short distance such as buy emergency things at shop for few seconds, minutes or for an hour and then park it at busy streets. It’s not right to just park it like there’s no one who will going to use the lanes or streets even if you have the freedom and right. Because of this, it can be inconvenience for people who are pedestrians and commuters. So when they occupy the sidewalk or lanes, where will the pedestrians and commuters should be using to walk? This increase in individual freedom overcomes the freedom of everyone else. For truck and public-vehicle drivers now face that much more car congestion and delays especially the heavy traffic in every roads; pedestrians become more restricted by the fear of death or serious injury by one more car; while people suffer more traffic noise and that much more pollution even in residential and office area.

Although it’s not also fault of private vehicle owners because finding a parking slot for one’s car is always a challenge. Especially in Metro Manila, it’s the central of businesses and works. This challenge is all the more excruciatingly felt in Central Business Districts where a lot of cars come and go all day and all night long. Therefore, a sustainable and efficient parking space is truly needed to support the thriving businesses, leisure, academic, and domestic responsibilities in order not only for the owners of the private vehicles but for the all the citizens to prevent these parking conditions in the city

Design Objectives:
To design an improved covered car parking lot upon completion of construction this should be customer friendly that makes the customer feel safe. Together with the specific mechanical or automated system, it must be safe and secured easily visible traffic routes, no irritating support...

, with respect to the several parts, of the parts with regard to each other, and of these again to the whole; that the structure may appear an entire and complete body, wherein each member agrees with the other, and all necessary to compose what you intend to form.
To understand the meaning of design is… to understand the part form and content play… and to realize that design is also commentary, opinion, a point of view, and social responsibility.
To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit; it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse.
Design is the process and product of imagination. To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit. It is to add beauty and meaning, and to compose what you intend to form that will last in time.
From the simplest form of inspiration to an element of surprise. Beauty will result from the form and the correspondence of the whole, wherein each parts agrees with one another to appear a complete structure.
My design concept is inorganic inspiration. It all comes from every design parts of unique and modern cars. And each design parts of the cars give functions and uses to the car as a whole in order for the driver to feel safe and comfortable. Same with this building, the design must give customers and drivers that positive vibe feeling as soon as they enter. Most especially, the functions of the building should have the quality of being suited to serve a purpose well. The amenities that make parking structure easier to operate and maintain as well as the facilities that respond the needs of the customers.
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