My Philosophy of Teaching

Topics: Technology, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Carpal tunnel Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Professor Uliano
PHE 443U
December 4, 2012
Extra credit
Selected Epidemiology Study
If I had all the money and resources then I would want to do a case control study dealing with groups of technology users’ exposure to radioactivity mainly teenagers and comparing it to a group that does not have access to any technology. I would conduct an interview on both groups with the group that has access to technology such as computers, cell phones, and iPods then ask the same questions for the other group that has no access to technology because they are either in a low income family, elderly, or poverty population.

Some of the interview questions I will be asking the group I am doing the study on if they have access to technology, and what time of day they use technology?, how often they use it?, what specific technology they use such as computers, cell phones, or iPods?, how many hours do they use it?, and do they do any other activity besides using technology?

Some of the risks are the exposure of radioactivity from these technologies, carpal tunnel syndrome from typing for a very long period of time, texting while driving causes distraction but also fatal accidents, nerve damage, stress on eyes, mental stimulation, decrease in memory, loss of hearing, and the frontal lobe is the area that stores the memory which will lead to brain damage. These are just the beginning of some of the symptoms but also risks to be aware of. The group that has access to technology should think about the consequences of these technologies they used mostly every day.

Some of the outcomes are the group that does not have access to technology has less of a risk to the many risks from technology usage, and the group with access to technology could suffer from major risks of brain damage, fatal accidents, carpal syndrome, and nerve damage. With these study groups the best route to go would have to be the group without the use of technology, or use...
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