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Topics: Philosophy, Theory, Thales Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: March 14, 2013
What Is My Philosophy
Raymond Mallett
March 5, 2013
Devon Smith

What Is My Philosophy
According to the results of the “What Is your Philosophy” I am a philosopher of Metaphysics. If asked directly I would say my interest scatter across a wide spectrum, but these results help me to better categorize my interest, and I would have to say, Metaphysics is one of my personal strong interests. In Fact any questions or answers related to being or existence usually gets my full attention. This branch of philosophy is covers two basic questions of metaphysics: What is being? Or, What are its fundamental features and properties? Questions like: Could there really be a God? Or does free will exist (Moore, & Bruder, 2011, p. 13,). Some of the approaches to being are as follows. According to Thales ideas, [Thay-leez] (c. 625–547 B.C.E) all things are made of water, but that soon was proven wrong. Anaximander soon took up where Thales left off, offering a theory of the universe that explained things in terms of natural powers and processes. Then soon came the theory of Anaximenest that air is the basic substance; after all, it is that which enables life to exist. Furthermore, he attempts to explain the world’s natural occurrences with his theory, and attempts to identify the basic principles of transformation of the underlying substance of the world continue to this day. From a different theory altogether, Pythagoras approached being as, everything as numbers, and nothing like other theories. Of course these are only a few approaches of the many out there in the world today (Moore, & Bruder, 2011, p. 23-25,). With free will some approaches suggest that there is a free will, and that people do have a choice in what they do unaffected by circumstance. Then on the other side there are philosophers that believe all things that happen are the result of of reaction to other things, or that circumstances cause our decision making fully (Moore, & Bruder,...

References: Moore, B., & Bruder, K. (2011). Philosophy: The power of ideas (8th ed.). New York, NY
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