Myself, Society, and Environment

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Celemin, Angelle V. January 28, 2013 Myself, Society, and Environment

I. Problem
The problem in this picture is waste pollution.
II. Observations
* The place looks deserted.
* The place seems to have gone through a fire, or some sort of calamity. * There is a lot of waste in the place.
* The wastes are of different kinds; from materials made of paper to materials made of metal. * The place is not a good place of productivity.
* Some wastes seem to be disposed long ago and some are newly disposed.

III. Hypothesis
Actions of men caused this; but have a thought of this- is this not also an effect of today’s men’s inactions? The real problem, aside from that we keep disposing garbage here and there, is that we also do not act upon cleaning up our mess even apparently we already know the first problem.

IV. Solutions
Construct a system to empower the people to act upon the problems showed in the picture such as world is being over polluted and that the people are not taking any step to resolve this problem.

V. Conclusion
These wastes are contributions of different individuals of our society. Each of us who does not dispose our trash properly is a convict of this felony seen in that picture. There is even a possibility that one of the wastes seen above is mine or even yours. This just goes to show that everybody is to be blamed for this. Because all of us caused this, it would be enough to say we all should make our move to resolve this problem. If each of us will take part in doing his task, we can stop killing our environment and maybe even make it good as new again.
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