Nature vs Technology

Topics: Identity theft, Theft, Technology Pages: 4 (1203 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Muriel West
English 1301
Dr. Heather Wood
October 7, 2011
Our Culture and Technology: The Negative Impact.
Despite technology making jobs faster and more efficient I believe that there are many negative effects of technology present in our culture. Technology is still causing children to become less independent, taking jobs away from hardworking citizens, and making it easier for dishonest people to get away with crimes in this society.

There are so many negative views on how technology is impacting our culture today. Though it does have many positive aspects at what price do we as a society have to pay for it? Parents are concerned about their children becoming dependent on technology that studies show kids as young as a kindergartener becoming addicted to the internet. In another case the average blue collared worker is concerned because the more advanced technology gets the less amount of jobs are available to them. Finally everyone is concerned about the dishonest people that have access to the many advancements of technology are using it for crimes and other negative reasons. So the question is: Is technology helping or slowly ruining us in the long run?

First, kids of the 90’s or even generations before that time period usually spent their childhood playing outside and doing various athletic activities. If we fast forward to today children are seen inside the house playing various video games, on their cell phones, or spending hours on the computer. This cannot possibly be healthy for such young minds. Another problem they are faced with is cyber bullying. Kids are often exposed to various social networks and are easy targets for bullying via web. So many young people have committed suicide because of what someone has said to them over the internet. According to a recent study states that “Almost 30% of the adolescent respondents reported that they had been victims of online bullying “ ( Technology Provides New Source Of Bullying ). While...

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