Negative Effects of Technology

Topics: Technology, Energy development, Industrial Revolution Pages: 9 (3079 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Negative effects of technology

Several factors can be attributed to the construction of the modern world in the past few hundred years. However, technological changes can be said to have had the most substantial contribution. These changes became prominent during the industrial revolution throughout the eighteenth century. Technology led to a new mode of human existence, namely, the industrial civilization. The industrial revolution saw a shift from traditional agriculture to a mechanization of agricultural production. Due to technological changes in the past two hundred years, the technical, economic, political and the social bases of today’s livelihood have been largely transformed throughout the world with fluctuating degrees of both positive and negative impacts. Everyone has by some means been affected by the upcoming of industrial revolution, which unleashed processes of significant social change, technological innovation, and economic growth. The process of industrial revolution with regard to technological changes has led to a global tidal wave that has continued to transform every corner of the world, often with detrimental results. This paper will therefore, discuss the negative impacts that technology has brought in the field of medicine, communication, education as well as the negative effects of generating energy, on the general American population.

There are uncertainties on the future of man, including his ability in the future to perpetuate his species. This is due to the conflict between arising from concerns of saving the physical environment and the irreversible effects caused by population, as well as the continually rising energy demands brought about by a growing world population. (Bulletin of Atomic scientists,2). Modern technology is highly dependent on sources of energy such as petroleum, coal and natural gas. Such energy has many benefits predominantly in increased market prices, but there are also negative effects of such energy production. Unfortunately these negative effects are not typically, without government intervention, taken into account during decision making. When prices do not reflect these negative effects they are concealed, and due to the government and other influential and authority baring individuals such as electrical utility managers people may fail to recognize the farfetched effects of the actions of energy producing companies. Congress appointed a committee of experts to investigate harmful uses of drugs through the Energy policy act of 2005. The act was supposed to define and also evaluate the negative effects of energy production, which led to negative effects related to the environment, health, security and infrastructure. The committee however was not required to provide recommendations on solving such problems.

Energy production customarily leads to air pollution due to emissions of Sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen, which form a group of pollutants known as criteria air pollutants. Such pollutants are detrimental to public health as well as the environment. Use of fossil fuels to produce energy creates emissions of greenhouse gases that cause climate change, by damaging the ozone layer. This results in damages to the ecosystem and to the society in general. Exposure to harmful radiation from the sun is likely to lead to increased cases of skin cancer in future generations. Green house gases absorb heat from the surface of the earth and the lower atmosphere and this results in a radiation of much of that energy being reflected back to the earth’s surface. These gases include ozone, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Detrimental effects are likely to be felt in the near future, due to the fact that the majority of America’s electricity comes from coal, a fossil fuel which continually adds to the quantities of green house gases in the air.

Excessive use of the media such as television and the internet has also had a negative...
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