Negative Impact of Technology in Today’s Life

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Negative impact of technology in today’s life.
Problem Statement
This study will examine the negative aspects of technology and bring awareness to the people. Introduction
The history of technology is as old as human life. This is because the usage of technology came into existence when the humans existed. Technology had a great progress since ages that is from mastery of fire by man to computers, rockets, electronics etc which shows the 21st century achievements. The technologies that evolved in the past and even now made our lives comfortable. People are totally dependent on technology. Technology helps in speedy development and changes. According to a dictionary the definition of technology is given as “the sum of the ways in which social groups provide themselves with the material objects of their civilization.” ("Technology," 2012). This shows that technology usage has become as part of our life. These technologies include computers, cell phones, emails, video conferencing and even the basic things like microwave oven and fridge. Technology has become important in every aspect of our life. It changed our way of life in both positive and negative ways. Over past decade, there are many new technologies that have evolved and there is much advancement in the existing technologies. Technology separates individuals from reality. Problem

The advancements in technologies have made our lives comfortable but there is a great negative impact of the technology in our lives. There are many factors that supports that technology has adverse effects on society. Technology is not always green. While new and rapidly advancing knowledge will surely become a dominant force shaping the future of mankind, experts tells that advancing technology always brings side effects. This is because humans modify nature to meet their needs and wants. So scientists feel that the development of technology is causing harm to the environment. Due to the technology, the decision making process is made easy by getting information in less time but it made the people to assimilate the information and make decisions in less time which may prone to many mistakes. The other affect is it is worsening the communication among the people. With the invention of cell phones and emails, there is a rapid decrease in face to face communication among people. The technology advancement such as iPod is separating us from the real world. For example, by putting the ear phones and immersing ourselves in music in public is making us disconnect from the public. By constantly cutting the personal interactions due to the technology devices a generation with substandard social abilities is being groomed. If we do not have face to face interactions and by experiencing the world in reality and problem solving, then we will never be able to function as adults. The other disadvantage with the advancement in technology is buying products online. This can be considered as advantage but there are negative aspects for it. The customers buy things online and there are many chances of getting unsatisfied products and there are some cases where the customers should wait for the merchandise to be delivered. The main disadvantage with the advancement in technology is it is causing severe health risks. The radiations from the cell phones are damaging a part in the brain which causes tumor. Technology has the power to both construct and destruct the world. Technology actually harms the society more than helping it. A good example for this is that the usage of internet has more negative effects than the positive effects. This can be measured by conducting some surveys and finding out whether people are aware of the negative side of the technology. It is very important the people should know the negative side of technology as they are using it every day. Some people even though they know the negative effects, they still does not avoid it. So by conducting some camps regarding this, people...

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