New Technology: Negative Impact on Low-Level Jobs

Topics: Change, Employment, Tess Gaerthé Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: January 27, 2013
New technology became common in the workplace.It has changed the traditional jobs and skills.Workers are required higher skills,otherwise they may get a lower salary.Technology change the workplace also have a negatively impact on a low-level jobs,employers may have less chance to improve. One impact of technology change for some workers is that employees need higher skills.Jobs require the advancement of writing,speaking,maths,computer literacy and programming skills.An example of this is a car manufacturing factory that uses digitally programmed tools and robots instead of traditional machines(Bang,2002 cited in Herman 2004).Indeed,workers may continue using traditional skills but require training in new skills to keep them up-to-date with changing technology. Secondly,technological change has negatively effects in working place.The experience gained in a low-level job provides little preparation for advancement.Research by Slim(2003 cited in Roberts 2004) demonstrates that administers may have little opportunity to reach high levels of management.In short,such staff's skills are only applicable in specific areas but not in others. A third impact for some workers is that jobs can be de-skilled by technology.With new technology,workers don't need to have many skills.This can led to a decrease in the wages of workers.For example,shopkeepers had to know where they could find merchandise and what it cost until the automated cash register became popular.Due to the reduced skills required in this position,employers can now pay lower wages to staff who have fewer skills. In conclusion, There are many different ways technology has impacted the workplace.It could result in companies which need high-skilled workers.The high-skills are writing, speaking,maths,computer literacy and programming.It could also affects the staff as they may have less opportunity of promotion.Moreover,technological change maybe linked to the loss of many skills and cause employees to get lower...
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