Open-Book Philosophy Quiz

Topics: Ad hominem, Fallacy, Logic Pages: 3 (626 words) Published: December 21, 2012
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Open-Book Philosophy Quiz

After reading this week’s required readings, take this open-book philosophy quiz. Answer the following questions in paragraph form. This is a short-answer worksheet, not an essay composition.

1. What is philosophy? Include a brief description of the different branches of philosophy

Philosophy is the pursuit of knowledge or wisdom generally topic specific. Philosophers aim to answer three main questions which have become the three primary branches of technology. Metaphysics seeks to answer questions relating to being or existence. Epistemology seeks to answer questions relating to knowledge (criteria, sources, limits, ect.). The third branch of philosophy seeks to answer questions relating to values and has four sub groups: 1. Moral philosophy (moral judgments), .2. Social Philosophy (society and institutions), 3. Political philosophy (justification and ethically proper organizations). And 4. Aesthetics (art and value judgments about art).

2. What is an argument?

According to the text an argument is “When you support a position by giving a reason for accepting it” An argument is a positional statement usually backed by facts to persuade or explain a view point or action. Ligic is the study of correct inference by which most arguments are “checked” by to prove validity.

3. Identify which of the following statements are arguments and which are not. Explain your answer. a. God exists.
b. I grew up in a religious family, therefore I believe God exists. c. God exists, because something must have created the universe.

Statement A, while clearly a fact, is not an argument as it doesn’t provide reasoning for the “view point” or evidence by which to fact check. Statement B would be considered an argument because it provides a reason for the claim that God does exist. Statement C could be considered an argument depending on who you are...
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