Organizational Ethics

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Organizational Ethics
James Harrison
OCT, 13-2014
Karen Harvey

Organizational Ethics
The organization that I will be using is Blackwater, currently known as Academi, which is a private military company. I have pass experiences with this organization and chose not to write about my current industry of employment. I will identify two ethical issues involving this industry as well as the company named above. Followed by, explaining the relationship between legal and ethical involvement of this company. This is just simply the tip of the ice berg of ethical issues involved in this industry realm. Ethical Issues

With private military companies there are many ethical issues, weather towards their employees with in, or from external influences. The material and terms of contracts employees are forced to sign in order to gain employment with these companies are essentially a waiver of personal rights. Private military companies, employee contracts routinely include clauses such as:1) If you defy a direct order, for any reason, you will be abruptly terminated and the private military company will withhold all back salary and bring legal action against your family. 2) If you die or are injured on a mission due to the negligence of private military company, you can’t sue them. If you sue them, they will withhold all your back salary and bring legal action against you and your family. 3) You can be terminated for any reason whatsoever, and if you sue them for wrongful dismissal they will withhold all your back salary and bring legal action against you and your family, ("Listverse", 2014). Actions such as this give the employee an ultimatum to either chose to stand up for something you may think is right or allow ones family to be targeted in a financial manner.

Some external forces that may be injecting on private military companies ethical treatment are media sources such as, the internet and news. When situations like this arise they create extreme influence on companies of this nature, forcing them to take a period of internal reflection of the company. While this can may have a positive or negative effect on the companies’ personal decisions. I would like to hope that social pressures would change the nature of these companies contract involvement and would create a positive effect on them forcing them to revise the standards of the contract. The ethical issues pertaining to those contracts are directly relevant to companies being they are the ones creating the contract. It implies quite a bit of hush, hush” or “don’t ask don’t tell type situations. These terms of contracts can be arguably set for security reason when in reality they are a means of avoiding liability. As for legal issues concerning these types of contract there really is not much that can be done about it. They are within the laws and regulations that govern this type of industry. These are laws involving the private military companies are essentially made as though type process. When a situation comes to their attention or has arisen they tend to conform the laws around or to gain favor on the situation. I have nothing factual other than personal experience to prove, but this is my views of the situation. Relationship between the legal side of private military companies and their ethics with their employees are just luck majority of all the other laws and set into place based off of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable by our society. Conclusion

This paper briefly discussed a few of the unethical examples demands of the private military company contracts up hold their employees too. Although these contract terms are unethical to the employee they are legal and abiding by the laws and regulation’s involved in these situations. I do feel though if they received enough pressure from outside sources such as social media, via...

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