Organizational Philosophies and Technology

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Organizational Philosophies and Technology
June 27, 2011
Jon Morse
Organizational Philosophies and Technology
The importances of organizations to create, maintain, and foster philosophies and pertinent technologies to compete in the global business environment. Organizations must obtain top performing employees and provide current and relevant technology to become a global leader. Ethical standards and guidelines must be created and maintained provide and maintain a positive and productive working environment. Healthy work environment and company culture is imperative in order for an organization to achieve success in a growing technological world, leading the organization to the top of Fortunate 500’s list of the best company to work for. Technology has a vast effect on the organizations human resources functions. Providing system’s and programs that all employees have access to contribute to a positive and productive working environment and company culture. Ethical Standards and Guidelines

Company’s use technology in various ways managing ethical work standards ensuring work productivity is maintained. One way to do this is to block employees from irrelevant websites not associated with the company. The block of these websites is to prevent employees from engaging in any non-ethical situation while getting paid to do his or her job. Blocking irrelevant websites also contributes to any potential legal issues that could develop, for instance should an employee be viewing information from a competing company this would be an unethical situation should the employee add pertinent information from the competitor to the current organizations standard operating procedures or technology. It is important that the companies have the same standard for the production worker as they do for the Chief Executive Officer this standard shows the employees that they expect the same behavior from themselves as he or she do from the employee. By the Chief...
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