Origins of Western Civilization

Topics: Ancient Greece, Plato, Philosophy Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Origins Of Western Government

Do you ever wonder where most of the things we have today originated from? Well, many of the things we have today originated from Ancient Greece. Democracy first started in Greece and now it is a big part of our governmental system. The architecture the Greeks developed has been around for decades including today. Finally their philosophy has been a major part in all of our thinking. Greek society has been a muse for the success that has shaped the base of western civilization.

Democracy has formed most of the United States. Statistics show that there are more democrats than republicans as of the last couple years. One of the major bodies that democracy has created is “The Peoples Court.” The peoples court were juries of citizens listening to cases, determining if the citizen on trial was guilty or not, and finally would select the punishment for those who were guilty. Also, voting was another key element in Greek democracy. People would either be ostracized meaning exiled from the city or elected to control parts of Athens.

Architecture was key in Greek culture. Most of the architecture we have today has been adopted from Greek society. For example, the columns that we have all over the U.S including the White House has been built from Greek roots. There were three different types, the Corinthian style, which was making columns really fancy. The Doric style, which had no design. Finally the Ionic style, which had lines going down the column, although it was fancier than the Doric, the Corinthian was the decorated the most out of all of them. Another architectural elements we adopted was the pillar. Today libraries and churches are standing because of pillars. For example, in the coliseum these types of styles were used a lot but the Corinthian style was used the most, which proves that the Roman architecture wasn’t there own.

Through out all of history Greek philosophy has been a major component in everyday...
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