Our Attitude Toward Technology

Topics: Frankenstein, Ethics, Morality Pages: 4 (1643 words) Published: June 28, 2008
Our Attitude Toward Technology and Analysis Thereof in Frankenstein The difference now is incredible. I mean look around, who, in the 19th century would have thought that I would be typing this paper on some thing called a computer, that used a device called a word processor, which showed me images of what I was writing on a monitor, and which also automatically printed on paper with out a human hand ever touching it? No one. That is an example of the difference between our technology and that of the 1800's, one of the many, many obvious differences. However there is one specific thing that is different about technology in our society and technology in the 1800's. That is the way we question the ethics behind every piece of new technology. People hear stories about how technology was used to accomplish great feats or maybe just make everyday life a little easier. They think that this word "technology" means the same thing to them as it did to the people they are learning about from the 19th century. Many people only think of technology as the newest, most modern mechanisms and gadgets that are being used in a certain field. These devices are only a small part of what technology encompasses. Technology is, in reality, whatever knowledge is available to our society, whatever knowledge is the most progressive and modern, on any subject. In other words, technology is the mechanisms and gadgets because they use the best knowledge available to us right now to operate. However, technology can also be many other things. It can be a new concept or idea, a new way of doing something, or a new way of combining different devices or ideas to achieve something new and different. Technology can be a new way of looking at objects or animals, a new type of treatment for a disease, or a new route to drive to work. Depending on the available knowledge at the time, technology really has an infinite definition. When one looks back on the 19th century and reads about,...
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