Parking Lot Proposal

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Chapter 1
Parking is an important part of the transportation system. It is an efficient means of storing vehicles while they aren’t in use, and it causes little disruption to the neighboring roadways. Additionally, since parking is the terminal or destination for a trip, the availability of parking space can affect the attractiveness of destinations as well as transportation modes. The attractiveness of a destination is reduced if there is a delay or difficulty in parking. The use of transit systems is increased in areas where parking is scarce. To be efficient, the transportation system must include adequate parking facilities at all places that attract trips. Parking lot plays an important role in the efficiency of the overall transportation system. This is designed to help the undergraduate engineering student understand the fundamentals of planning and designing off-street parking. A parking space or lot is the comfort of the people who wants their vehicle or their mean of transportation to be secured and out of mishap or accident.

This proposal is entitled “Parking space for students”. Its purpose is to construct a parking lot inside or outside the Technological Institute of the Philippines[TIP]. Due to the desire of the students of Technological Institute of the Phil.[QC], to bring their own vehicle to school, we come up to a proposal of having a parking lot either inside or outside the school as long as it is guarded and safe. The school has its parking lot inside the campus but it is only for the use of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the said school. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PROPOSAL

Why do we have to build a parking space for the students? It is common to a school to have its own parking space for their students, even for their own employees and staffs. Hence, we build a parking lot or commonly known as off-street parking, because when finished, students will have their own comfort and assurance that their own vehicle will be secured and safe as far as street conditions are concerned. The school will also benefit this project because their attractiveness will be added and it will be recognized by the people concerned. There will be no delay and less traffic in the area because before, students used to park on the street or anywhere near the school, and it is an obstruction to the traffic.

Chapter 2
Definition of Terms
Parking space/lot is an area used for the parking of motor vehicles. Traffic is the vehicles or pedestrians in transit
.Transit/Transportation System a facility consisting of the means and equipment necessary for the movement of passengers or goods
Functions of the Terms
Parking space/lot plays the role for the efficiency of the overall transportation system. Traffic is the passage of people or vehicles along routes of transportation. Transit/Transportation System is a type of facility used by the people to be able to travel from place to another place.

Chapter 3

Example of a clean and secured parking area

Proposed parking design in front of the bldg. 9

Design of a good and fit parking area in front of bldg. 9 of TIP

Chapter 4
People involve in the Construction of the proposed Parking lot/area in TIP ArchitectTypically holds at least a 4-year degree in architecture.he is trained and licensed in planning and designing buildings, and participates in supervising the construction of a building. Civil Engineerworked on public works projects. They perform land surveying; in others, surveying is limited to construction surveying, unless an additional qualification is obtained. Building Services EngineerOften referred to as an "M&E Engineer". They are responsible for the design, installation, operation and monitoring of the mechanical, electrical and public health systems required for the safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly operation of modern...
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