People’s Dependence on Technology

Topics: Technology, Computer, Calculator Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: July 7, 2011
Nowadays, scientists have come a long way to find ways to make our lifestyle easier for everybody. It can be said that we are living in a "technologically civilized" society as many writers and bloggers such as Mary agree on this fact. New inventions has been involved in our lives day by day, so people can be more efficient in their daily tasks and enjoying more of their lives. Computers are one of the greatest inventions in our generation, above all other inventions, affect our lives the most. Sciaga states that people use computers in every aspect in their daily life such as work, education and entertainment. It is great that computers and other technological aids (remote controls etc.) are there to help us achieve more with less ‘human’ effort. However, the important question being asked is “are we being too dependent on technology?” Technology, in general, has a major influence on our lives now and without it, we would struggle since we got used to the constant aid of technology. Moreover, technology became so much attached to us and it became so hard to get by without it. However, we have to find ways to initiate our dependency from technology and to make it less harmful to us. Everything has a good side as much as it has a bad side as well. As a start, future technology developments should be invented only if needed, not when wanted or desired. That’s a good start to make us depend less on technology. In Cjlevinson’s of view, every single user of modern’s technology should have a balance point or equilibrium. This equilibrium should enable the person to be developed and use technology to enhance his own skills to achieve more but not to depend totally on technology. For example, you should know how to use the calculator to do mathematical tasks. However, you should know how to does this mathematical task is done, and this will also allow our brains to function probably. The idea that people is depending too much on technology is spreading around more and...
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