People Have More Dependency on Technology Ever

Topics: Technology, Human, Science Pages: 3 (1382 words) Published: December 5, 2011
People Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology:
Positive effects of Technology on Today’s day-to-day life

Thesis: Technology has vastly affected every area of human life, such as healthcare, business, education, and communication that it seems impossible to see today’s world without technology.

Definition of technology
Comparison between stone era and modern technology
Comparison between developed and underdeveloped countries
Advantages of modern technology
How it took over every field of modern society
Health care
Business and economy

Technology world came from the Greek word ‘Technologia’, which means study of art or skill. According to a phrase in, “Technology is the making, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or perform a specific function.” The term technology can be used as general or specific. Since Stone era, human is trying to use resources, knowledge, and imagination to invent tools- or in other word technology-for betterment of human kind. If we peek in the past and compare present, there is unbelievable progress in technology since then; as a result, today we are living in a machine era. Today, Modern technology has affected almost every area of our day-to-day. In early age, technology was not so affordable, convenient, or accessible that it was being used in high level scientific, industrial, or military operations by scientists or technologist. However besides infrastructure and education, today technology is playing a very important role in making a country super power in the world. Nowadays, technology is so accessible and affordable that it is being used in each and every sector of modern society from household to scientific inventions. Technology has vastly and positively affected every area of...
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