Personal Essay

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Personal Experience Essay

Reminiscing on my life, I realized I have made many mistakes. I never listened to what my parents told me. If I had only listened to what they tried to teach me and took it into consideration on what I was being told, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble and time.

However, I decided my own path and did things my own way, not following the guidance of my parents. I still remember what my parents told me like it was just yesterday. They told me “Education comes first and what goes around comes around.”

The first lesson I learned was when I cheated on the final exam, which caused me a lot of trouble. It all started my freshman year of high school. I made new friends and partying was much more fun than staying home and studying. My dad warned me to stay more focused on my school work. I told him not to worry because I could always figure my way out. He also told “Don’t try to be cool just to get attention of others, you will destroy your life”, but whatever he said seemed to go in one ear and out through the other. I began to come to school 2 hours late every day. If I did come on time, I would sleep in every class. I never did my homework. I was already behind in every class. Finals was coming around the corner and I knew I would fail, so I decide to take the short cut and cheat on the exam. Too bad, I got caught and went through many bad experiences with the teachers and school principal. It was a tough experience.

It seemed like the lessons get tougher as I grow older. This is the time when my parents talked about “what goes around, comes around”. I started dating a lot around this age. According to girls in high school; it was cool to have many boyfriends. You could say that I had many boyfriends. I did not care about their feeling most of the times; I would break their hearts, hurt their feeling. Until one day, I met a boy and fell in love with him but he did not have any feelings for me. I...
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