Persuade a Family Member That the World Today Is Better Than It Was 50 Years Ago.

Topics: Technology, Mobile phone, Future Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: February 17, 2011
In my opinion, the world today is better than it was fifty years ago primarily due to technology, civil reform and medical breakthroughs. The technology of today is far more advanced. In 1960, computers were not household items, nor were cell phones, the internet, digital cameras/camcorders, DVD players, plasma television sets and GPS systems. It is clear that because of the increase in affordable household appliances, home life is easier now than it was fifty years ago. With the added efficiency, more time can be focused on continuing to progress towards a better future. Innovations in technology have made life easier for many people. Almost every school and college in the nation has the use of computers. With computers, students can access large databases of information at the touch of a button. Prior to computers, you would have had to use a card catalogue, which listed every book in a large, hard to use cabinet. Now, thanks to technology and the internet, access to information is easy. Technology has also helped the world to communicate faster and more effectively. Cell phones, email, and television have allowed news and information to travel at light speeds. No longer waiting around for the mail to come to your house, you can instead obtain information from your television, computer, or even cell phone. The development of technology has not only made life easier for everyone, but the cost of technology continues to decrease. Earlier home computers cost anywhere from five thousand to ten thousand dollars. Now they cost as little as three hundred dollars. In addition, almost every household has basic appliances such as a microwave, television, refrigerator and many others. Although some of these appliances existed fifty years ago, they are far more affordable and efficient today. There is clearly a large increase in technological advancements. Problems around the world still exist; however, technology is allowing developing nations to live more comfortable...
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