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Brand manager-: according to me, brand manager for any given company is the person who is having responsibility of looking after the particular brand of a company and to maintain and improve that particular brand. There could be different brands under one company name and for each of the brand one brand manager has to be assigned to effectively promote that brand of product.

Marketing manager-: as per my point of view, marketing manager is a person who is looking after all the different products of the company. Marketing manager is responsible for marketing that product by the way of different modes. He/she has to select the appropriate mode of marketing the different products of the company and select a target market where the product should be launched.

Ultimate difference between product/brand manager and marketing manager-: Product manager has to think about the particular brand of the company only whereas marketing manager is responsible for promoting and market all of the company’s products.

There could be more than 1 brand manager in the company on the other hand, marketing manager can be only one in each company. Product manager is responsible of launching that product in any country whereas marketing manager has to think towards how to market that product to make sales effectively.

Product/brand- Audi AG
Description of a brand- Audi is a German automobile manufacturer which designs, produces, markets and distributes luxury cars. It is having headquarter in Bavaria, Germany. Country- Japan
I have selected japan where I will do pest analysis and identify key factors that has to be considered to launch Audi cars.

Steps and key factors to consider to enter into japan-
First of all as a brand manager I will have to choose a market where I need to market that product. As we have decided that JAPAN is the market where company will launch its product than has to think about what could be the appropriate price at which we can sell our cars to capture more and more market share in that country. After deciding the pricing has to think about what could be the promotional strategies has to be used. After deciding a pricing strategy I have to think about what could be the entry mode and distribution mode. Do I have to directly sell that product or by the way of mediator. One most important factor that has to be considered is the existing automobile companies in japan. There are big brand like; Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda, Nissan are in existence. So company has to think about what strategies has to be used in such a competitive market.

PEST is an acronym of political, economic, social and technological factors which might become hurdle for any product or brand manager to put steps in a new market. There are many macro- environmental factors like; new laws, tax changes, trade barriers and government policies which can affect the decisions of the manager of any organization.

Political factors- political factors can be government intervention in areas like; tax policy, labor law, trade restrictions, tariffs and so on. Political factors can affect at a great cost for Audi to enter into japan. Economic factors- we can consider interest rates, economic growth of a country, inflation rate and others. These factors can have major impact on the way businesses operates. Social factors- social factors plays very vital role for any company to do business. It includes various factors like population, growth rate, age distribution and so on… Technological factors- technology can effect at a great cost for any company. In today’s technological era every company has to stay updated with the latest technology to stay in the market.

Key factors according to PEST analysis of JAPAN-:

Political factors in japan-
1. Form of government: the government of japan is a constitutional monarchy under which the power of the emperor is limited. 2. Taxation in japan: taxation in japan is based on a national...

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