Phi105 Continental, Pragmatic, and Analytic Philosophies

Topics: Existentialism, Philosophy, Jean-Paul Sartre Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: June 13, 2013
First we are presented with the Continental philosophy and within it contain some other philosophical thoughts. Some of the other philosophical thoughts include existentialism and phenomenology. An existentialist can and “do not guarantee that this existential predicament, as it might be called, can be solved.” (Moore & Bruder, 2011) What this means is that there is no answer to the existence of life and that a person cannot find value or meaning with in it. “In brief, phenomenology interests itself in the essential structures found within the stream of conscious experience—the stream of phenomena—as these structures manifest themselves independently of the assumptions and presuppositions of science.” (Moore & Bruder, 2011) This means that the assumptions are taken from the way that it is experienced from the first moment that you see it and the way that it actually “is”. Take the moon as an example and the way that people see it at first glance. Let’s say that it is a full moon and shining bright. Well the first impressions that we have is that it is a circle and it produces light. Well that is not the way that it “is” just the first impression. We know that the moon is a sphere and that the light from the sun reflects off of the moon and not that the moon produces the light. That is the difference from what the first impression is and what it “is”. Now we move on to Pragmatism and what it had to contribute to the philosophy in the nineteenth and twentieth century. Pragmatism is one theory that originated in the United States and the people that came up with this theory believed that nothing is absolute or fixed. What they believed was that truth is relative to a specific time place and purpose which means that it is always changing when new information is added. This theory has a lot of parts but what it does partake in is that there is no merit to whether an idea is true of false. What matters is that the idea holds merit through the usefulness...
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