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Topics: Philosophy, Truth, Plato Pages: 4 (1419 words) Published: December 10, 2014
1. Introduction to Philosophy by Richard Brown
(Pre-philosophical way of thinking: Philosophy is not distinguished by the questions that it asks, but by the method that it employs in asnwering those question. Appeal to revelation as the only source of knowledge and the workings of supernatural personalities as the explanation of physical phenomena.)

-Philosophy has a lot of different meanings. It could be
-asking certain type of questions
-talking about questions that philosophers deal with and the answers they give -what the word means and how people think about it historically. -Pre-Philosophical Thinking: The way people thought about reality before Philosophy was discovered -Brief introduction to the origins of society

Way back before 3000 BCE, farming was invented and people settled down. -3500-3300 BCE Civilization began meaning “city life”. Cities were much smaller would comprise 1000-2000 people. Big for that time. Development of writing. -Babylon & Sumer (writing)

Epic of Gilgamesh - epic in a sense of an epic adventure. Gilgamesh = king; wants to know meaning of life, how people die and to be immortal. Answer: Go on a journey to where the gods live where they tell him the answers. Gets to the gods and he asks questions. He is given tasks in order to get answers. He does all the hard tasks. Last task: Must stay awake for three days and three nights. Stays awake for three days and 2 nights. Falls asleep on the 3rd night. He doesn’t get to know the answer. Gets angry and then realizes that to be immortal for human, you must be remembered for the great things you’ve done. First point: Wrong to think of philo as a group of questions. Gilgamesh embodies a different way of answering these questions. Wrong to think that only certain people can answer them when in fact you can answer them yourself. Human beings aren’t capable of knowing the way the world is; only the gods do. Supernatural personalities only know. “they control reality”. Conception of...
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