Philosophy and Ethics

Topics: Philosophy, Immanuel Kant, Ethics Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: February 19, 2013
What is Ethics?

Ethics is a branch of philosophy, which is the study of what is right and wrong. Ethics is an action of feeling. If you are walking on the street and you see a homeless person, you would ask yourself questions like this: How should I act? Should I help or ignore? When making decision how to ask and listen to your feelings what is wrong or right to is called “Ethics”. There are many examples that can describe ethics, but people like to explain ethics in an easy way in which everyone can be talking and everyone can be involved in this topic, such as law. By asking questions like: Can laws be wrong? Do laws apply to every citizen in Canada? Why do we need laws? Can laws be changed? These are the kind of questions that can explain ethics. Ethics come from a Greek word “Ethos”, which means character. This tells that ethics study the action that can be good or bad. The term “ethics” is often call “morals”, which comes from a Latin word “mores”, which means character, habit or custom. Ethics is identifying as morality in philosophy.

Why ethics is important to study?

Ethics is very important for human life. Ethics teach you how to act. Without ethics, our actions would be unplanned and pointless. If we want to be successful in our life we can do this in only one way and this way is learning about ethics. Everyday people are dealing with ethics and moral issue. For example, you didn’t do your homework last night what should you do should you tell your teacher the truth or should you lie say that you forgot your homework at home or do a bit of both, if your not sure what to do, then this a good chance to learned it study in class. If we study ethics deep it will help are know better for the future and will help us to be successful in life by knowing what right and wrong.

What is Metaphysics?
Metaphysics comes to us from Ancient Greece - meta, meaning higher - beyond earth physics or invisible physics. Metaphysics is the branch of...
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