Philosophy and Religion

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Philosophy and Religion
PHI 208
Craig Thompson
February 3, 2014

For centuries philosophers have been asking questions about ethics, epistemology and religion to try and better understand these topics along with being able to define them. Throughout this paper I plan to discuss the ideas and thoughts that go into philosophy and religion. There have been many questions when it comes to religion like whether or not it is necessary to prove that God exists. Along with the different types of arguments that can arise to prove God exists. These can be century old discussions, however philosophy still continues to try and find answers to better understand and define these arguments.

Before getting into some of these topics about religion and philosophy we first need to understand what philosophy is. According to Plato who is a famous philosopher, philosophy is something that starts with wonder. “Human beings wonder about themselves, about other people, about where they came from, about where they are going and about what they should do while they are here”(Mosser, K. 2010). From the time we are born humans continue to ask questions about the world around us because we are naturally curious beings. So when it comes down to it asking questions about everything and the pursuit of answers is a way of looking at philosophy and what it can be defined as.

When it comes to religion there are many beliefs that people can have. Some of these maybe similar to others while others might be altogether different. However it is not the type of religion one might believe in that philosophy questions, but instead whether the God of that religion actually exists. Philosophers continue to ask if God exists along with continuing to try and find answers that prove his/her existence. When it comes to this one might say that if it cannot be proven to exist then it does not exist. Though you could counter this argument by saying that you cannot prove that it does not exist either. Philosophy tries to give answers to these questions however the proof of whether or not God exists is a lost cause and unnecessary. To prove God exists, God himself would have to come back to earth from heaven thereby giving clear definitive proof of His existences. Until this happens humans will continue to wonder about His being. This pursuit of proof is also unnecessary because the belief is that God is a higher state of being and is just that, a belief. Religion is based off of beliefs and having faith in something we cannot know for sure if it is real or not. If philosophy was able to prove God exists then people would have nothing to believe in nor have faith in. Philosophy wants to have answers to all questions however, all questions cannot be answered. Despite good arguments that can be presented on both sides as to the pros and cons of a real God.

One of those argument is the Ontological proof. In short this argument states that because we as humans can think of a high form of existence who is perfect, “God”, then God must exist. This argument as it stands might not seem to be the strongest argument for Gods existence, but to look at this argument a little farther we can see that it really is a strong argument. Ideas have to come from somewhere and therefore something had to happen for humans to be able to think of a higher being and call this being God. Subsequently this idea of thinking of the perfect being as being God translates into the belief of His actuality. This argument also goes along with faith since you can think of a perfect being and imagine that being in your mind, but cannot prove that being to exists. You have faith and belief in what is written as historical fact and a foundation for your belief. Why this argument is the strongest would be because you cannot disprove or prove someone’s own beliefs. No one can say that what someone believes in does not exists if it cannot be proven or...
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