Philosophy: Course Summative Assignment

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PHILOSOPHY – Course Summative Assignment

Choice #1: Inspiration Project

It is your objective to apply three (3) of the philosophical theories studied in class to a number of songs and make a presentation to the class, which illustrates some of your insights.

Step One: Find Three (3) Songs
Think of some of your favourite songs. See if the lyrics to any of your favourite songs reflect some of theories that we studied in class. Remember, our units of study in this course include: Human Nature, Metaphysic, Ethics, Epistemology, Social and Political Philosophy. Step Two: Apply the Theories to the Songs

Once you have picked your three songs, apply the theories from class to the songs. Make point form notes that clearly link the theories to the songs. You may apply more than one theory to each song but you must have at least 3 different theories in total, at least one per song. Step Three: Conference With Your Teacher

Arrange a ‘Culminating Task Conference’ with your teacher at which you will present: A point form summary of your song choices, showing which theories you plan to use for each song. Lyrics to your 3 songs.

An explanation of which song you plan to present to the class (see below). Step Four: Prepare a Report
Using the point form notes as your guide, write a 1000-word (more or less) report that illustrates how your chosen philosophical theories are reflected in the songs. Your report will include an analysis of each song and an application of at least one theory per song. Your report will work best if you present the lyrics and analysis to one song together before moving on to the next song. Please include references and a resource list. Step Five: Present a Song

Using a program like PowerPoint, make a presentation that brings ONE of your chosen songs to life. Using your song as the background music, make a video presentation using photos and the song lyrics to inspire your viewers. Make sure your video presentation reflects the...
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