philosophy of biology

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The word Philosophy comes from the Greek word Philosophia, which literally means the love of wisdom. The word philosophy was first introduced by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. Philosophy study’s general fundamental issues that are related to truth, existence, knowledge, values, reasons, language, and mind. It is an activity that people undergo in order to have a better understanding of the universe, themselves and others. Philosophy depends on rational arguments and it is characterized by its systematic approach.

The philosophy of science is a field that deals with assumptions, methods, foundations and implications of science, with the use of merit of science. It reliance on experiment and observations as main mean in seeking the truth. The philosophy of biology is a subfield of philosophy of science. It deals with issues related to the biological and biomedical sciences as well as the metaphysical and ethical issues. It is a philosophy that favors naturalism and follows empirical tradition.

The Biologist Charles Darwin (1809-1881 ) is a well known example of the relationship between philosophy and biology. His book On The Origin of Species by means of natural selection challenged the status quo thinking of natural selection offered a meta-level analysis, systematization and explanation of the biospheres. Darwin’s theories concerning natural selection and evolution made a tremendous and essential transformation in the philosophy of biology.

Philosophy is defined as a belief system accepted as authoritative by some group or school. It also can be defined as the rational investigation of question about existence and knowledge and ethics. Any personal belief about how to live or how to deal with a situation is also consider as philosophy.

According to oxford dictionary, biology is defined as the study of living organisms, divided into many specialized fields that cover their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behavior, origin and distribution. Simply, “bio” means life and “logy” means study. Thus, it means study of life. Whereas, biological science means science that concerned with living things or organisms. It is also could be defined as biology which is a natural science that studies living organisms and life.

Therefore, the philosophy of biology can be defined as a belief system regarding the study of life which has been accepted globally. In order to study any living things or organism, one need to be truly understand the believe system first so that it could act the guidance through out the study of this knowledge.

As discussed previously, the philosophy of science in term of biology is very important in human life. The objective of philosophy of biology which is the term of the philosophy itself which is a wonder and to know. This objective is very vast and great. One of them is to get through the valid biology knowledge which is by explaining how does this certain type of biology knowledge is established as a valid knowledge. This philosophy will make a justification based on the thinking theory of the most scientist's ideas by providing the valid need supporting ideas. The objective also related to how we want to know what are the important questions that relate to biology knowledge which is by doing an analysis, research, and empirical method to get the knowledge. By the development of this method, the objective of philosophy of biology can be achieved which is can help to explain the natural phenomenon that happen in our surroundings, such as geology knowledge, archeology knowledge, astronomy and much more, thus can predict the future events or develop many more inventions either for health, medicine, study, architecture and any related field that will give benefits to humankind. Philosophy of biology also has an objective to make the logical structure of the product of scientific research which is very crucial....
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