Philosophy of Man

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Introduction to Philosophy with Logic
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01 21 June 2013

Origin of Philosophy Discuss the development of philosophy
Philosophy Index, Introduction to Philosophy – General Outline of Indian and Western Philosophy, Ancient Greece, The Basics of Philosophy – Pre-Socratic C. Temple. Branches of Philosophy. Accessed June 19, 2013. Page 5 Number(s) V. Chaubey & S. Dube. Introduction to Philosophy – General Outline of Indian and Western Philosophy. Accessed June 19, 2013. ial/Philosophy-%20III.pdf University Press Inc. Ancient Greece - People. Accessed June 19, 2013. L. Mastin (2008). The Basics of Philosophy – Pre-Socratic. Accessed June 19, 2013

Philosophy: definition and meaning  The word philosophy came from the Greek words, “phileo” meaning “to love or to befriend” and, Sophia meaning “wisdom.” Thus, philosophy means the love of wisdom.  Webster’s dictionary defines it as: “the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics.”  It is the root of all knowledge; the mother of all sciences Origin of Philosophy  According to Aristotle, philosophy arises from wonder  Desire for knowledge arises from the rational nature of man  Philosophers ask questions and these questions try to understand the metaphysical and physical world of man. Early Philosophers 1. Thales (624-526 BC)     He lived in the city of Miletus, in Ionia, now western Turkey He was not only a thinker; he was involved in business and politics He gave naturalistic explanations of the world Thales assumed that some single element which contained its own principle of action or change, lay at the foundation of all physical reality and this element is water He thought that the earth is a flat disk surrounded by water

2. Anaximander...
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