Philosophy of Man

Topics: Mind, Religion, Thought Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: November 11, 2010
Beyond the Philosophy of Man

“Man as a dialectical supervolcano of super thought – never extinct, nor static, nor confined to its nuclear base”. Man is gifted by God of mind and free will. The human mind seeks for all truths and reality, and the human will and heart longs for infinite satisfaction and happiness. Human wants in life tends to be unlimited and dynamic. Dynamic, in a sense, that every man’s desires and curiosity for truth tends to uplift as generation-to-generation comes. Man is really eager to seek for the higher truth. And Philosophy as a springboard for investigation and discovery of higher and deeper truth, we are able to attain knowledge that feed our human minds and will with sort-of satisfaction. But it doesn’t stop there because man tends to explore and venture the limitless yet scarce realms of reality to attain higher and deeper truths. Philosophy of Man tends to be boundless for it covers the reality and way beyond reality of human life. Maybe that is why philosophy seems to be indefinable. In mysticism, it can transport us into the mystery world of spirits and mind. If the power of the spirits really exist? And what the power of the mind can do?, etc. And in Man and Ethics, it exposes us to some fallacious theories of man and norms of morality. For me, in this chapter we will be able to know how and why man possesses certain values. And there are a lot of chapters that are covered by Philosophy of Man, the Man and Nature, Natural Law, Natural Theology, Man and State and many more related to man. We, human being, have lots to gain and attain knowledge about who we really are as a man, an individual. And through Philosophy of Man, we are able to understand the essence of human, God’s greatest creation of all. And not just the essence of being human but also understand how certain “things” happen without the awareness of making it happen. Philosophy of Man is the key to explore the inner self and to determine one’s self.
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