Philosophy Skepticism

Topics: Epistemology, Skepticism, Philosophy Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Definitely the most fascinating thing when it comes to skepticism is not that severely philosophically doubtful people are present - it is the opinions that come from guiltless principles and get to amazing deductions.  Rationalists like Locke argue that “all knowledge is based on reason (and the reasoned analysis of certain innate concepts and ideas that are possessed and understood by everyone).” Therefore, the inherent uncertainty of sensory experience (i.e. optical illusions and hallucinations) cannot provide a solid foundation for knowledge. Normally, a skeptic starts from several of explanations for a single situation but they will always end in wrong conclusions. Skepticism can take you to fertile results if you contemplate the following and consider the Sorites Paradox. First of all, admit these three properties. If you have two eyes - and can see clearly- that means you are not blind. And if you have mostly no eyes or cannot see either, then you are not blind. Likewise, if you take off one eye, this does not make you completely blind. So keep taking your two eyes off. Agreeing with this evidence, you should not get blind .However; you would get blind ( In addition, if we make reference to Descartes' Meditations dispute. What Descartes argument means is that “the kind of evidence we have for our beliefs underdetermines what to believe (60).” Hence, we could use Bertrand Russell's example. Imagine you had some kind of hallucinations consequence from some kind of drug or substance. In this case, how could someone differentiate their 'dream' life from their 'real' life? Since the skeptic never accepts that we are actually having a dream in the place of living. In fact, the skeptic states that our existing evidence does not regulate the chance that it could be a dream instead of real life. Idealism is definitely a good solution for skepticism. Moreover, skepticism creates the difference among our thoughts or observations and things...
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