Philosophy: Tool to Differentiate Reality & Appearance

Topics: Mind, Psychology, Epistemology Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Philosophy: Tool to differentiate reality & appearance
In this “The name of Philosophy,” the author Bertrand Russell talks that there is no such knowledge in this world which a man will not doubt. This is a very difficult question and hence a man always doubts everything, even he doubts what is real and what is not. He always finds difference between what appearance is and what reality is. If we look into how the author have portrayed his point of view in the book we see that he has started on with the point that philosophy can be used to find the answer of this question. He says that there is no such reason which can make the man not answer his puzzling questions and his confusions regarding anything he doubts about what is reality and appearance. He has to realize what reality is and what just appearance is. The chapter revolves around how man can distinguish between this by looking at things which exist in his everyday life. According to me the author is trying to find the answer to his questions regarding this issue, he says that in our daily life there come many things and events like revolving of the sun which is millions of miles away from the Earth, and it will continue to do so. This is a reality and a man should not doubt its existence. He is of the view that it’s the human mind that alters his way of thinking, he describes this by viewing the daily life objects and their working around him like the light and his own reflection, the buildings, and the people around him. He says that these are the normal things which are viewed by any other person if he sees them also but a man with a doubt will always question these things even if knows everything. The writer says that philosophers can sue philosophy which can answer all the doubts a man has regarding the things which are real and which are just appearance. He relates to his daily life work and says that there is no color which pre-eminently appears to be the color of table he sits on and by...
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