Planning Process in Toyota

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Planning process in Toyota

Toyota is the third-largest auto manufacturer in the world, behind General Motors and Ford, with global vehicle sales of over six million per year in 170 countries. However, Toyota is far more profitable than any other auto manufacturer. Auto industry analysts estimate that Toyota will pass Ford in global vehicles sold in 2005, and if current trends continue, it will eventually pass GM to become the largest automaker in the world. What is the secret of Toyota success? The incredible consistency of Toyota s performance is a direct result of operational excellence. Toyota has turned operational excellence into a strategic weapon. Toyota s continued success at implementing these tools stems from a deeper business philosophy based on its understanding of people and human motivation. Its success is ultimately based on its ability to cultivate leadership, teams, and culture, to devise strategy, to build supplier relationships, and to maintain a learning organization (Liker, 2004). According to the book wrote by Jeffrey K. Liker, Ph.D., is Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan we can what have made Toyota success. They have incredibly planning process. Setting goal, develop commitment, develop effective action plan, track progress toward goal achievement, maintain flexibility. Toyota has identified specific company is to achieve simultaneously high quality, low cost, short lead times, and flexibility. Then, the leaders try to motivate their employees because goals don’t encourage them to worker harder or smarter. Thus, they were armed with their shop-floor knowledge, dedicated engineers, managers, and workers who would give their all to help the company succeed. They move to next step of planning is to develop effective action plans to their objectives. Toyota lists the specifics steps (how), people (who), resources (what) and time period...
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