Possession of Knowledge

Topics: Ethics, Emotion, Philosophy Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: January 18, 2013
The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility. Evaluate this claim. It does carry an ethical responsibility.
Consider Natural sciences as an area of knowledge. Einstein gave America the knowledge to create a bomb to win world war 2 which led to many people dying. He used language to communicate this information to the Americans (WOK) and his reasons for this must be considered as a (WOK). At the time he thought what he was doing was right but after seeing the negative effects he had, he ended up regretting it. Knowing what he knew carried an ethical responsibility and his morals were questioned. Use ethics as a way of knowing and how he reconsidered what he did after it had already been done. Ethics of a person are important and must always be taken into account when making a decision/ making use of the knowledge one has. Another knowledge issue in the natural sciences is the speed of light and how recently they found a mistake. Consider the ethics and natural sciences as a way of knowing and how you can’t be sure and it has to be tested many times and just because it has worked many times doesn’t mean it has been proven. Sciences can always have a way to be proven wrong and are assumptions that work. Consider language and reason as a WOK. Consider how scientists want to gain a status and sometimes forget their morals in order to achieve these status’. History as a way of knowing. Language used can be persuasive however works of history can be biased and false and based on ones emotions or ones sense perception (WOK). Use the example of this book (I will find the title, it just slipped my mind) where the writer from the time of slave trade wrote about his journey to Africa and through his emotion and sense perception, he described the traditions and the people as savages. He wrote many racist comments which could be biased and based on his emotions and this book was published and studied as a work of literature. Many people could have read...
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