Postmodern Trends in Philosophy Suggest a New Vision of God and Morality

Topics: Ethics, Postmodernism, Philosophy Pages: 38 (13630 words) Published: November 4, 2011
1.1 What is Postmodernism?
1.1.1 Origin of Postmodernism
1.1.2 Modernism Vs Postmodernism Postmodernity Begins where Modernity Ends Postmodernism is a Continuation of Modernism
1.1.3 Differentiating Postmodernism and Postmodernity
1.2 The Historical Development of Postmodernism
1.2.1 Martin Heidegger
1.2.2 Friedrich Nietzsche
1.3 Characteristics of Postmodernism
1.3.1 Shift of Emphasis A Move from Meta-narratives to Mini-narratives A Move to Question the Transparency of Language A Move to Question the Objectivity
1.3.2 Religion in the Postmodern Philosophy
1.4 Challenges Offered by Postmodernism
2.1 A Perusal of Modern Ethics
2.1.1 Universalism and its Discontents
2.1.2 Wittgenstein’s Denial of Ethical Propositions
2.2 Progression to Postmodern Ethics
2.2.1 Virtue Ethics: Focusing on Human Life Rather than Human Rules. 2.2.2 The ‘Will to Power’ of Nietzsche
2.3 Ethics of Postmodern Philosophers
2.3.1 Levinas: “An Ethics before Ethics” A Move from Totalization Recovery of Autonomy of Subjectivity Levinas’ Ethics as a Foundation for Radical Pluralism 2.3.2 Ethics of Jean-Francois Lyotard Demise of Grand Narrative The Differend
2.4 Characteristics of Postmodern Ethics
2.4.1 Postmodern Ethics: An Ethics without Ethical Code
2.4.2 Postmodern Ethics: An Ethics of Relativism
2.5 Postmodern Ethics: A Buddhist Response
2.5.1 Buddhist Ethics as Emotion
2.5.2 Buddhist Ethics on Basis of Motivations
2.5.3 Buddhist Ethics as Naturalistic
3.1 God in the Philosophical History
3.2.1 Greek Philosophy and Reason
3.2.2 Medieval Philosophy: A Combination of Faith and Reason 3.2.3 Modernity and Rationality
3.2.4 The Loss of Belief in God in the Modern World
3.3 Philosophy of Religion in the Postmodern World
3.4 Derrida: Religion without Religion
3.4.1 Deconstruction
3.4. 2 Derrida and Religion
3.5 Postmodern God: A God Beyond Description
3.6 Indescribability of God in Indian Philosophy
4.1 The World Today
4.1.1 The World Today: Globalization
4.1.2 The World Today: Over Emphasis of Science and Technology 4.2 Postmodernism: Need of the Time
4.2.1 Postmodern Ethics: A True Vision of Morality
4.2.2 Postmodern Vision of God: A True Vision of God
4.3 Drawbacks of Postmodernism
4.3.1 The Objectivity Questioned
4.3.2 Moral Relativism
4.3.3 The Problem of Ethical Undecidability
4.3.4 Critiques within Postmodernism

The contemporary world is advancing and developing at an incomprehensible speed. Technologies, fashion and new ideas appear at an ever increasing rate. Speed and time seems to shrink almost into a breakneck pace. And yet the most difficult task for every human being is to find meaning for his/her existence. The explosion of practical atheism and relativism seems to be adding oil to this fire. We can see many of the young people confused and lost in today’s world. The modernity has failed to provide a suitable answer to situations such as mentioned above. The human beings are in need of a new vision into the concepts of morality and God. Hence it was my interest to look at the possibilities that postmodernism offers in the concepts of God and Morality. So, in this paper I have examined the postmodern concepts of God and Morality and established, how instead of contradicting our faith and morality, the postmodern ideas would enable us to be more authentic in our day-to-day life.

This thesis titled, ‘Postmodern Trends in Philosophy Suggest a New Vision of God and Morality’ is divided...

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