Prince of Egypt

Topics: Ramesses II, Israelites, Plagues of Egypt Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: October 31, 2013

The story portrayed in the movie is based on the book of Exodus in the Bible. It tells the life a man named Moses, who originally born a Hebrew slave, is brought up as the noble son of the Pharaoh. Through a series of events Moses ultimately abandons his pampered lifestyle and chooses to side with the Hebrews to free them from slavery and religious persecution brought on to them by Egyptians. His story is prominent from both religious and cultural point of views. Not only did it prove to Jewish people the miracles of their God but Moses single handedly freed all the Hebrews in Egypt at that time. Throughout the movie the lives of Rameses and Moses and their struggles are paralleled so that the audience is able to connect with both characters. In the beginning Moses has trouble coming to terms with the fact that he is the son of a Jewish woman and that he was originally supposed to have been killed. He breaks down when he sees his father's true colors and that he has been raised by a man who had intended on killing him. During this time Ramses struggles with constantly trying to prove himself worthy to his father. He loves Moses but at the same time resents him, as he knows Moses will never have the pressure of becoming Pharaoh forced upon him. After Moses leaves and decides to follow God he has a hard time witnessing the fall of Egypt. He knows the plagues are a message from God to Rameses but he can't bare knowing that there are innocent lives being lost. He continually pleads with Rameses to free his people because he knows the plagues will continue and gradually get worse if he refuses. By the end of the movie the brothers are rivals and all that is left between them is bitterness, it isn't until the death of Rameses' son that both men realize things will never be the way they once were like they had hoped. The scene that most stood out to me was when Moses confronts his brother Rameses, who is now the Pharaoh, and asks him one last time to set the Hebrews...
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