Principle Issues

Topics: Political philosophy, Philosophy, Ethics Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: July 20, 2011
Principal Issues
Kara Labitad
May 18, 2011
Elizabeth Cook

Principal Issues
Metaphysics, moral, social and political philosophy all cover different parts of the human behavior and the way we think. Social philosophy focuses more on the way we are as an individual person and how we adapt ourselves into the society that we live in. This can lead people to ask the questions of why we act a certain way, or if the way we are acting is considered acceptable in our society. Philosophers like Plato looked at how a person’s social behavior came around by studying the way people are brought up and what they are taught. When we ask ourselves questions about our own social behavior we may look at if we have free will, and if so how much free will we truly have as an individual living under the government. Moral philosophy focuses on the judgment’s we make in our life and how we come to the moral decision if it is right or wrong. Some of the questions that may have been asked my philosophers such as St. Augustine is questioning what moral judgment is, or how we truly know that moral judgment is really moral judgment. Looking at the way that people behave and how we come to understand right from wrong and difference between good and evil is something that has been judged my many people over the years. There is nothing documented in writing what moral judgment is, so as a society we have come up with morals through many generations. Some people may look at it as morals were set my the government to give us a way we should act and if we choose not to follow the way they want us to act then we have to live with the punishment they see fit for that person. Other may look at it that morals were set by God and that our judgment day is when we pass. Many people will look at morals and question them to find a reason or an answer for why we have morals and how they came about. Political philosophy looks at how the government has come about and what it is all about....

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