Pro-Socratic Philosophers

Topics: Human, Leucippus, Philosophy of science Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: November 29, 2010
CheckPoint: Pre-Socratic Philosophers

* Answer the following questions in a 200- to 300-word response:

* Which of the Pre-Socratic philosophers had the most compelling ideas? I believe that for their time, all held compelling ideas as to how things are in existence; the pre-Socratic philosophers that “stuck out” most to me were The Atomist. By far, The Atomist was the closets philosophers to what we the human race holds as true. * Briefly summarize the philosopher’s idea or ideas. The Atomists believed that everything that is anything (human, animal, etc) were made up and consisted of tiny beings called atoms. The atoms within are composed the same but have different shapes, size, and weight. They (the Atomist) also believed that atoms operated in strict accordance to physical law and that all movement was pre-determined. * Why do you find these ideas compelling? Include a practical example of one of the philosopher’s ideas in your response. The Atomists seemed to be highly intelligent for the era; this was a time before we had telescopes and before science was in infant stages. I found their ideas very compelling because they (the Atomists) were on the right path of science and what made up humans and other things. Though it would take years to confirm that things were made up of small particles called atoms, the Atomists believed in this belief and thus it was true and through science was proven to be true. I found that the Atomists believed that atoms are pre-determined and move in accordance to physical law, but I believe that atoms are of free will.
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