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Question 1
The internal analysis tools that are used to appraise SAIC’s sustainability as a competitor as an automobile manufacturer in Malaysia are: I.Resources (tangible and intangible)
III.Core competencies
Tangible Resources
Financial ResourcesThere was a steady increase of sales throughout the years and well as exports from 2001 to 2003. Organizational ResourcesSAIC has a hierachical reporting structure with three different groups namely under complete vehicles, automotive parts and services. Physical Resources

Technological ResourcesProton will be designing and launching their own hybrid vehicle (Tong & Terpstra, 2012, p. 365). Proton has learnt technology transfer during its partnership with Mitsubishi, which gave them opportunity to produce some of their own car components and parts to reduce reliance on its partner and foreign automaker (Tong & Terpstra, 2012, p. 358). In 2001, Proton designed its first model, Waja and Gen-2 in 2004, a partnership model with Lotus (Tong & Terpstra, 2012, p. 358). Proton have also developed their own engine with their acquired UK-based company, Lotus and launched the car model, Saga in 2008 (Tong & Terpstra, 2012, p. 358). Intangible Resources

Human ResourcesWith the population of 28 million and an median age of 25 (Tong & Terpstra, 2012, p. 348), Proton have a vast resource of young employees and being launched as the National Car Project, Proton has the obligations to put social and national in the frontline (Tong & Terpstra, 2012, p. 359). Hence, many privileges and jobs are given to their people in this industry and as of 2008, automotive industry to move Malaysia into the “league of industralised nations” (Tong & Terpstra, 2012, p. 351). Reputational ResourcesProton is known as the National Carmaker (Tong & Terpstra, 2012, p. 354), besides Perodua, which is known as the second National Carmaker. It is also known for being the first carmaker to be part of the National...
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