Proton Holdings Berhad Company Vision & Mission Critique

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Perushaan Automobil Nasional (PROTON)




A leading Global Mobility Solutions Provider

Continuously Create Innovative Processes, Products, & Services that win people’s hearts and minds.

The Critiques on Vision & Mission of Perusahaan Automobil Nasional (PROTON) Vision can be define as an inspire statement that consists of goal and objective that an organization would like to achieve or accomplish in the mid-term or long term future. It is intended to serves as a clear guide for choosing current and future course of action. It also becomes the driver statement that will lead the organization to achieve its objective and goals. Mission is a statement or a written declaration that consist of organization core purposes. Normally a mission statement remains unchanged over time. Mission statement serve as filters to separate what is important from what is not, a statement that clearly state which markets will be served and how for business organization and a statement that communicate a sense of future direction to the whole organization. Vision and Mission statement for an organization must be clear and understandable by all staff in the organization. Mission statement is slightly different from Vision statement, although both statements carry same objective which lead and drive the company by act as a railway path in order for a company keep track on all course of action to achieve the organization objective and target. A mission is something to be accomplished whereas a vision is something to be pursued for that accomplishment. As mentioned earlier, it is important for a company to have its own Vision and Mission statement and it is import for both statements are logically achievable and understandable. A vision helps to lead the company to its main objective. A mission defines the organization purposes. Vision of PROTON is to be “A Leading Globally Mobility Solutions Provider”. Mission statement of PROTON is to “continuously create innovative processes, products & services that win people’s hearts & minds”. In my opinion, I do agree with the both Vision and Mission statements due to some reason and factors that will be briefly explain and critique on the next paragraph. The reason I agree with the Vision statement because of several factors that physically may be observe and analyze on the result that related to the statement. The word of “A Leading” describes the position of PROTON in the automotive industries in Malaysia. For past a few years back, PROTON did achieve on that level as a No 1 ranking car manufacturer and volume of sales in Malaysia Automotive industries. The ranking drop and become No 2 since year of Myvi launched by Perodua. The only reason PROTON drop in ranking due to several factors that makes the Brand name losing its customers confidence. Since PROTON share being bought by DRB-Hicom, this Vision statement has been impose and to lead the company to get back on the No 1 ranking not only in Malaysia Automotive Industries but ranking No 1 globally in term of mobility solution provider which will further explain on next paragraph. The word “Global” being used and presence since PROTON start to export car to United Kingdom and acquired LOTUS. For the financial year of 14/15, PROTON had exported almost 600 Units of various model of car (Proton Models) to almost 45% big automotive market around the globe. The emergence of Research & Development (RND) Division in Proton is also one of the main factors that the Vision statement has been setup as the Global Mobility Solutions Provider. With the ability to perform research and development on car engine, safety features and other related technology...
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