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Micro environment is the specific or the task environment of a business which affects its working or operations directly on a regular basis. While the changes or transformation in the macro environment will affect the business in the long run, the effects of changes or transformation in the microenvironment will be noticed immediately as it is near to the internal part of the business itself.

Let us take a roughly look at the macro environment just to get the rough idea on the different between macro environment and micro environment. Macro environmental factors generally affect all firms by shaping opportunity and risk in the business-environment. Advancements in research and innovation, changes in political stability or cultural framework are macro factors often influencing long-term strategic management, or even the objectives of a firm. As for the example, Intel with its microchip has shaped management strategy of firms within several industries.

Most strategic management modals incorporate an environmental analysis, which scans the existing macro influences and potential opportunities. A situation analysis evaluates environmental influences in relation to internal factors, to establish an individual firm's limitations and competitiveness. Micro environment is less universal to some extent which the micro environment refers to factors affecting firms in a specific sector or industry. The "Porter's Five Forces" modal is an industrial analysis used by firms to understand the micro environment. This strengthens management strategy against changes in micro factors, which can reverberate across the entire industry.

There are plenty of micro environmental factors that might affect in today’s business activities. It is an each made up of a self contained microenvironment that happened to stand alone but it interacts with the others in order to make the activities mingling with each other in the micro environment of the business. As for the example, the company itself, the employees, suppliers or even the parts providers which is the suppliers might be the three factors which have a direct effect on the business. The competitors and the customers are happened to be the internal environmental factors that keep business doors open for making money or maximise its profits which will have an impact that is not as direct but just as great because of its impact. Company

All of the departments within an organization have the potential to positively or negatively impact and give influence on the outcome of the organization about the customer satisfaction. As a result, a marketing department have to work closely with the finance, purchasing, research and development and manufacturing departments together with among the others in order to identify the ways that each department can contribute to the provision of excellent customer value which will lead to greater customer satisfaction.


The employees apply an influence on the small business’s quality, operations and profitability through their daily activities. Most of the major quality and production models which including the Lean, Six Sigma and total quality management(TQM) have the framework to encourage the employee leadership over an ordinary management.

An example of employee commitment and obligation is the self-directed employee task group. These groups will encourage their group members to learn more and perform to a higher standard and to participate in the continuous improvement process. The members of these groups can be motivated and inspired by the external forces such as company incentive programs or internal...

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