Psyc-305 -- Todd Mcfarlane

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Individual Assignment

Questions for Discussion
1. What personality traits do leaders like Todd McFarlane possess that distinguish them from other individuals? * McFarlane had a drive and knew exactly what he wanted in life. He possessed a positive attitude and had a very high level of self-confidence and self-drive to accomplish objectives he had set for himself. Todd didn’t let the misfortune of not being able to play baseball keep him from being successful and in the end Todd still ended up being involved in sports, not just baseball. McFarlane possessed personality traits like: Ambitious and Focused for following his heart, considering the low pay and long hours at first. Courageous for leaving his successful job and becoming an entrepreneur almost overnight. Optimistic for believing that he could be successful even though many industry experts did not think he would make it. Focused in his ability to know what the finished product should be no matter if it was a costlier option and delivering a high quality product. Through this example you can see that with time, patience and dedication almost anything can and is possible.

2.How have global competition and technology advances changed business conditions and leadership challenges? * Many businesses have changed over time to keep up with the innovation of technology. Businesses have to tailor their business to consumer needs and wants if they want to stay current in these times. In these times, with the vast majority having access to internet, it is wise to market items utilizing this resource, too. With that said, business leaders must become more tech savvy as well. This allows their business to stay ahead of the game technologically speaking. In certain industries this can be the difference between success and failure. As in this case, McFarlane makes comic books especially for the internet and also launched a website for his comic book character Spawn. The internet...
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