Quinton Embray Philosophy Paper 1

Topics: Plato, Mind, Life Pages: 4 (1243 words) Published: February 5, 2015
Quinton Embray
Philosophy 101
Mr. French
Introduction to Philosophy Paper #1
During Socrates’ death sentence in prison, Critos’ had a few reasons in explaining to Socrates’ to escape from prison. The first reason, Critos’ gave Socrates’ was to think of his children that he still had a responsibility to raise. In which, Socrates’ was leaving behind an oldest who was a young man, a middle child who was a little boy, and the youngest child who was still a baby at the time. Looking threw, Critos’ point of view of this situation, I believe that would be a good idea, if Socrates’ didn’t have a family to leave behind in shame for his, in other people eyes, a cowardly move/mistake.

In response from a Socrates’ being calm and cheerful, reason was that was just popular opinion, which I believe means that would be the best decision if Socrates’ wanted to escape death and be exiled from Athens all together. And then said “My escape would not help my children”, by which at that time period in human history, if Socrates’ was to escape from prison and was to never return to Athens. His children would go through life being called names, their father would be called names, they would go through town with everybody showing no love towards them like before their father escaped, and may even have rocks thrown at them as a punishment for their father’s cowardly mistake in eluding death.

Critos’ second reason was emotional appeal. I believe this means, when his followers wouldn’t know how to feel that their teacher of philosophy had just died but was just cheerful and calm during his whole death sentence. Would they have to be happy and calm that death is just another part of life? Or should they cry because now they don’t feel like they have the whole knowledge of philosophy and the best man to teach them just died? So, for emotional appeal, the people following him would be confused. On the flipside of this story, the people that didn’t like Socrates’ and his...
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