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Radiology Shadowing
Monday I had a tremendous experience. One that may have permanently affected my educational life. I shadowed a Radiologist at the hospital I work was amazing. Before I get into just why exactly it was amazing, I just want to give you a bit of information on the radiologist I was shadowing. He works at Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is a level 1 trauma center which, for those of you who don't know, is the most equipped hospital to exist. It can handle any case that is thrown its way, from a cough to a semi-decapitation. So needless to say the Radiologists, and all other physicians there, see many very interesting things. The Radiologist I shadowed also is involved in many of the academic activities that occur on the campus of FMLH, which so happens to be the Medical college of Wisconsin's campus as well. That being said he had a wealth of information for me as the day progressed. So on to the day at hand:

9:00am- I stepped into the hospital I work at almost every day....but today was different. I was going to shadow someone who is the very person I hoped to become. Yes I will become a Radiological technologist, and yes I will become a Medical student and someday a Doctor, but most of all I hope to become a Radiologist. This Radiologist represented my future as I had known it. 

I worked my way through the Radiology Department and into the "Rad Pad" as we like to call the control room for diagnostic x-ray. I picked up the phone and paged the number that the Radiologist had given me to call when I had arrived. Within 5 minutes I was answered by a call from the Radiologist who said to meet him in the Radiology Reading Room......the Radiology Reading Room! I mean this is where all images are sent to from around the entire hospital, it is the room where 20 or more of some of the most highly trained professionals in Froedtert reside, and I was being given a front row seat! Plus directors cut!

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