Reasons to Study Philosophy in University

Topics: Philosophy, Critical thinking, Thought Pages: 3 (849 words) Published: November 15, 2011
Outline at least 5 reasons why students at University should or should not study at least one course in philosophy. Firstly, it is important to define what Philosophy is before I proceed to why I believe students at the University level should all study at least one course in Philosophy. Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. ( J Teichmann and K. C. Evans, Philosophy: A Beginner's Guide  pg. 1) Philosophy is different from the other ways of facing such problems because of its critical analysis and systematic approach and mainly its dependence on rational argument. The word Philosophy comes from the Greek world philosophia which literally means the “love of wisdom”. Students should study philosophy as it stimulates and encourages ones abilities to think creatively and out of the box, critically and enhance analytical and interpretive capacities. These are some of the attributes of philosophy. Creative thinking lets people let their minds wander and not believe in the status quo and be satisfied by what we know but to look further for creative and out of the box definitions to different things and also different interpretations of the daily situations and things we encounter. Critical thinking benefits widely beyond Philosophy as it gears one’s mind to perilously analyze a situation or even in other subjects sometimes we may know the answers but we didn’t exhaust the thought process thus we come up with mediocre answers, however critical thinking allows one to weigh out and come up with the best solutions or opinions on something or someone. Analytical skills allow the ability to visualize, articulate, and solve both complex and uncomplicated problems and concepts, and make decisions that make sense which can be applied all areas of our life and in university life as well. Lastly, interpretive skills are very important as they allow one to have the...
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