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6. Organisation chart sales team (incl. role, responsability, …)

8.Budget: input and output

Companies spend time and resources in developing a sales budget for the smooth functioning of the sales function. There is a difference between the sales budget which is the turnover and the budget of the sales which is the budget of the sales department. For the sales plan, the budget of the sales department is useful to us, this budget contains: -Budget of Sales Costs

-Promotion Budget
-Administrative support budget

In 2012 Recticel had a total turnover of EUR 1.319,5 million, in 2011 there was turnover of EUR 1 378,1M, as result there was a shrink of 4,3%, mainly due to automotive(-10.8%) and bedding(-5.3%). The decrease of 4.3% was mainly because of the significant inflation of labour, transport cost, energy costs and raw materials. The profit in this period(FY2012) was 17.6 million.

The net financial debt went from EUR 149.6 million to EUR 172.6 million, including the EUR 23 million investment in a new Insulation plant in Bourges (France). In the automotive sector the sales went from EUR 249.4M(2011) to EUR 224.2M (-10.1%), in 2012. There was a total sale of EUR 639,4 million (FY2012), all sectors included. Although the turnover and sales decreased, the sales and marketing expenses surprisingly increased from EUR 35,9 million to EUR 37,2 million(FY2012). The cost of the sales in general, not of the sales department was EUR 508 million in FY2012. Recticel will strive for growth via innovation and new product introduction, allocate resources on highest growth segments, develop on a broader international basis, improve capacity utilization and reduce complexity. In the automotive sector Recticel will minimize investment, optimize capacity utilization while pursuing innovative product development. The restructuring plan of 2012 was realized, 7 sites were closed. The sites went from 124 to 103 in total and the employees went from 9883 to 7841....
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