Relevance of Philosophy

Topics: Transparency International, Corruption, Political corruption Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: January 16, 2011
Relevance Of Philosophy
Political Philosophy/Ethics/Logic and reasoning play a great deal in decision making, espescially in economic ones. Economic policy implemented by certain governments will be dependent on THEIR philosophy. As economics is all subjective. Conservative ideologies tends to keep taxes lower whereas liberal ideologies influence in taxing the rich more.

I have found whilst learning about philosophy, that it is not a DIRECTLY pertinent subject like say architecture, maths and science, in the sense that once you study in those fields you can apply the knowledge to your work. Philosophy is more of a tool for SELF-IMPROVEMENT which improves communication, understanding which can be applied to all areas of life. In this essay the challenge is to show the relevance of philosophy to 21st century manufacturing. As philosophy is not a new concept there is a wide and defervesce range of ideas (on everything that existed and does not yet exist). The people who study philosophy and deal with such matters must have at one stage put forward some thoughts on manufacturing and even engineering in general. Philosophy comes from the Greek for "love of wisdom," giving us two important starting points: love (or passion) and wisdom (knowledge, understanding). Philosophy sometimes seems to be pursued without passion as if it were a technical subject like mathematics. Philosophy must come from some passion for the ultimate goal to be achieved: a reliable, accurate understanding ourselves and our world. Many think philosophy is an idle, academic pursuit, never amounting to anything of practical value. Task today. Doesn't this mean that philosophy never gets anywhere and never accomplishes anything? Philosophy is relevant as it makes us think about where we have come from, where we are at present and where we are going to in the future. The study of philosophy is usually conducted in one of two different ways: the systematic/ topical method and the...
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