Religion and Belief

Topics: Religion, Philosophy, Belief Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Identify a view you have—whether on politics, religion, science, culture, or even the media and entertainment—that might be regarded as being related to philosophy. The view that I am going to talk about which is related to philosophy is religion. The reason that I have chosen to write about this is because I like so many philosophers always asked questions on the different types of religion. I do believe there is a “god” but do not understand how many of the different religions act and can be true. I am not saying that all religions are not true it is just that I do not understand how they evolved. If someone was to categories me into a religion they would have to place me as a deism. Deism is basically someone that believes in “god” but doesn’t believe in any kind of religion. What kind of reasons do you have for holding that belief?

I hold this belief because like I previously said I have never fully understood how each religion evolved. I have always just asked questions when they have been presented to me and really didn’t feel that the answer was one that made sense to me. I do attend church but it is a church called the rock where it is more of the priest just speaking about god and not a particular religion. It works for me and is something that I feel is nice for people that have the same views that I have. What figure from the history of philosophy section do you think might have some views that are similar, or at least relevant, to your own? Explain why you chose that particular figure. The philosopher that I feel shares the same views as myself is Moses Maimonides. The reason I say this is because he discussed “not just traditional philosophical questions but also examining problems in medicine, religion, and ethics” (Mosser, 2010. Sec 1.1) From what I have read Maimonides looked outside the box and asked questions that many other people didn’t. I do something very similar to this and feel that Maimonides is most similar to myself. Reference...
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