Response Paper to "The Invention of Lying"

Topics: Virtue, Philosophy, Ethics Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Response Paper One Joseph Leemon

For my analysis of the movie The Invention of Lying as it pertains to our class, I have selected two parts from the IPC book, where I can apply some of what I have learned so far. The first part is the Ethical Systems of Interpersonal Communication table from Chapter 1 and the Stages of the Interpersonal Perception Process from Chapter 2, The Ethical system of interpersonal communication contains five parts. Those parts are categorical imperative, utilitarianism, golden mean, ethic of care, and significant choice. Categorical imperative is an ethical system that suggests that we should act as an example to others. This is demonstrated throughout the movie as the entire population (except Mark when he begins to lie), tells the truth no matter how it might affect the other person. A specific example is when Anna is talking to her mother on the date, and explaining that Mark is unattractive and undesirable, even though he is sitting right across from her. Utilitarianism is the ethical system suggesting that what is ethical will bring the greatest good to the greatest number of people. An example of this would be when Mark tells the lie that he can speak directly to God, and he is confronted with a worldwide audience. He then decides to make up his own version of the Commandments, because he believes that these will help society at large in the best possible way. Golden mean is the ethical system where a person’s moral virtue stands between two vices, with the middle being the foundation for a rational society. This is displayed when Mark uses his lies to get closer to Anna throughout the movie by manipulating other people to get money and fame. The other side of it is when he tells his dying grandmother how wonderful heaven is, so she will be able to die peacefully. Mark also has various other situations like this that keeps him centered and good. The ethic of care is the system that is concerned with the...
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